React native is amazing platform for learning once and write anywhere, what is missing here is to config once and deploy it easy from one place. Github Actions is easy way to configure your build steps (Or any execution you need) by your preferred trigger.
It’s amazing when you can build and publish in a press of a button production build in the Google play and App store.
In this article I will explain how to configure your React native project and get your production build, You can find working config in this repository:

Github Actions in action, you define the steps and it execute them
Github Actions in action, you define the steps and he execute it

My example is based on…

Develop its fun, but after you finish your development you want to see how users using your product and measure your success, for this purpose we are collecting data that represent behavior of the users and storing them for later analysis. There are a lot of ways to do it, you can do it using Mixpanel, Firebase, Google analytics, your own service or other preferred ways.

I am not going to write about how to do it, I am going to describe a solution of how to align with data in case you have multiple platforms, for example server, mobile…

In the past couple of weeks, I finally found a time to read a book that I wanted to read long time ago, ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari. It is excellent book about evolution of mankind and how we survived and evolved over other species over the decades. Several notes that I took to myself and it can be connected very well to leadership concept.

‘The way of thinking and communication constitutes the cognitive revolution’

‘Large number of strangers can cooperate successful by believing in common myths’

These points are excellent example of why we the smartest and strongest species…

Lately I decided to make a change, you can call it change of direction, my goal is to learn and explore the magical, secret and complicated dark side (backend) and use my knowledge (frontend and mobile) to observe things from a different perspective. I had the opportunity to do backend several time across my career path, but most of it was for specific services that not build for scale, and not supporting multi regions, usually it was for startups in the beginning of the way, so in this stage no one thinking about it.

This post will be mostly about…

When Kotlin was presented at the Google IO 2017 I was not sure if to be happy or to cry, from one hand I had Java that I am working with almost 8 years and from other hand Kotlin that should be easier and fun for coding. Community love Kotlin and I love community, so let check what we can get from this love story :)

Android and Kotlin

Before we start, fun fact about Kotlin, it was named by the name of island, one of the language developers propose this idea to the team and everyone loved it, so it become the…

I am continue to explore my way in the IoT world and now it is a time to do some fun! This time I will explain step by step how to create remote car that powered by Android things and controlled from the Android phone with nearby API.

Building the car

To begin with that you will need two DC motors and motor controller or you can buy a kit for doing it. I ordered simple car kit, you can find a lot of them online and L298N dual motor controller for control the motors.

This how it looks after you assembly the kit

After you successfully assembly the kit lets connect…

This article is continue to describe my journey in the IoT world, in the previous article I described how to prepare Raspberry pi to run Android things, this article will be about what you can actually do with that.

My goal was simple, create a button that when I press it will turn on the led and update realtime Firebase table that light is on. For starting the project I used Google example as my base, ordered hardware kit from the internet (it is much cheaper from one that google proposing on there website) and we are ready to go.

Starter kit, you can order online, Button, resisters, LEDs and cables

Imagine tomorrow world when every device will have communication with every device, so eventually you will able to control/communicate everything from your mobile phone for example, The name of the technology is IOT (Internet of things).

Last month Google has released Android things (There solution for IOT) and I was really exited about it! For a long time I wanted to experiment with the IOT world and now it will be easier than ever. For using Android Things you will need not expensive boards and Basic knowledge of Android coding, You can read more about in there web site. …

This article will focus on how you can use injection with experiments, for example I am using Firebase A/B testing platform with Dagger for Android development, but you have many more tools that you can use.

I am a big fan of experiments, you can experiment everything, start from simple ui tweaks and continue with algorithms in your code. You can read more about the setup in my previous article.

Experiments, this is the way to know things are working

Experiments, this is the way to know things are working, When you’re working on your project, and you want to add new functionality or modify existing one, It is great…

When we are working on some new feature in our app, we don’t know how users will react. A/B testing is great approach to use your users and find what work the best for them. This article is a part of articles that talking about my GitHub project and will focus on Firebase remote config how to use it smart and analysing data.

Lets begin from the question what is A/B testing and why we need it? …

Leonid Olevsky

Head of engineering @ Omise

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