Integrating Firebase Analytics with Google Analytics

Leonid Olevsky
2 min readJul 16, 2016


I found it difficult to use Firebase Analytics on my mobile phone, you have access to the dashboard only on the web page. Google have great analytic application that was redesigned lately, it is easy to use and showing almost real time data.

It seams that Firebase don’t have this option, and they don’t have API (I really wanted to create application to help developers), The only thing that I found is to integrate Firebase Analytic with Google Analytic dashboard, it still not solved my problem, but hopefully one day I will able to use the mobile app.

The steps are simple, Sign in to your Google Analytics account and select the Admin tab. In the PROPERTY column, select Create new property from the dropdown menu.

select Create new property

Select Mobile app and Select Firebase Analytics.

Integrate Firebase Analytics

Under Connect to Firebase, select the Firebase app you want to connect. If you don’t see the app listed in the dropdown, make sure you have created it in Firebase first and that you’re signed in to the correct Google account.Click Connect app.

Hope that one day we will able to check the analytic from the mobile app, till then will be happy to get update if you find some different way!